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Here to Help

Meet Your New Friends in Riofrio and Loja

Andrew is a compulsive cyclist and runner who knows the secrets of the local valleys and forests and would like nothing better than to share them with you, by bike or on foot, at your own pace. Afterwards you can cool off in his pool with a cold beer.

Abi is a finisher of the Two Oceans 56km Marathon and the Puffer 90km Ultra Trail. She talks a lot when she runs and bakes a wicked banana loaf.

Merce is a committed trail runner, locally born and bred, with numerous podium finishes to her name in Spain. She helps guide longer runs with larger groups and speaks excellent English.

Jose manages our local sports shop "Base Deportes Open"and will see to your every running need. He fancies Merce and will join her runs every opportunity he gets.

Juan "Chupete" owns our local bike shop "Chupe Bikes" and will give your bike the TLC it needs or find you a replacement for that critical piece of equipment you left at home. If he joins us for a ride you will recognise him by his infectious laughter.

Paco Jr is your accommodation host in rooms above the "Paco Rama" family restaurant. When his schedule allows, he joins us for rides too.

Paco Sr will fuss over you in the restaurant and feed you the best home-made chorizo you can find (the Senora's secret). He has a wonderful selection of traditional cured meats and preserves for you to take home.

Enrique owns "Alacena", our favourite restaurant in Loja. He pours fresh, cold beer brewed on the premises (you can have a table next to the tanks) and The Best Pizza (prawn and truffle, anyone?). He's the one hugging you (well, one of them).